"As a lifelong professional, I held the advantage of possessing an array of personal knowledge of top-gun attorneys and their reputations. When I encountered my own legal difficulties, the first one of my life, I systematically reached out to a list of six top firms, working my way down the list. I was given no encouragement or empathy; more importantly, I was not even given the courtesy of time. Unfortunately, my case was so uniquely complicated, it would require expending considerable time and effort to prepare complex legal arguments. The alleged finest legal professionals in our state gave me no hope of justice. Thankfully, one of those attorneys referred me to Edwards & Edwards. Given my career and background, I admit I was initially skeptical of their abilities because they were not yet highly recognized. But mark my word; they will be! When the others said "can't", Nicole and Blake said "can." When others said, "won't," the Edwards persevered to "will." Don't be fooled by their ages; they are brilliant legal minds with a vast array of resources, and a "can-do" attitude throughout the whole process. As a professional, I encountered frustrated people complaining that their attorney would not call them back. I assumed that I would find myself in that same situation, but the Edwards maintained exceptional communication with me about my case. As my lawsuit progressed, I found myself repeatedly referring to them as my "David" in a nightmarish "Goliath" scenario. They proved that they were up to the challenge, never wavering, and far exceeding my expectations. However, their legal skill is not the only thing I admire about these two--this firm has heart! They care. I will always be eternally grateful for the "little guy" that took on my giant! Don't waste your valuable time with stars and ratings; just call Nicole and Blake Edwards first."

"I was involved in an automobile accident December of 2014. After wasting a whole year with an arrogant lawyer who never had my concerns & interest at heart, I was moved to let him go and with courage & faith find someone who had all the characteristics of someone I wanted to represent me through the process. I was led to Blake & Nicole Edwards from researching. Fortunately, a lawyer-client relationship was established. The main characteristic upfront was the caring, compassion, & respect they both showed & have towards other human beings. From day 1 they began to work on the case and more importantly they kept me informed on developing information concerning the case. As time went by, the defendant lawyers had no intentions on doing right and merely offered me a ridiculous & offensive settlement offer. I had complete trust in the Edwards' once we went to trial...and We Won!! The Edwards' are professional, knowledgeable, and in my opinion their best suit is preparation and strategies."

"I was fortunate enough to find Blake and Nicole Edwards when no one else thought I had a case.  They not only took my case, but stood with me and got it settled. They had the same frustration and compassion that I had, throughout the whole process, which made me believe in them.  They put their heart and soul into my case.  Blake and Nicole communicated clearly and timely, and made me a part of every decision. If you need attorneys who are professional, personal and will never stop fighting for you there is no one else to call.  Blake and Nicole Edwards at Edwards and Edwards will  do what’s fair and just."  

"I had the opportunity to use Blake & Nicole Edwards after almost 4 years of frustration using a well known firm. I am satisfied with the results. Blake & Nicole were able to accomplish a satisfactory settlement in 3 months. Both are very timely with communication and thorough in explaining everything. They are warm and welcoming and listen to your problems and concerns. I would definitely recommend them."  

"In the past year my family and I had several life changing situations and were in need of legal representation. We called Blake and Nicole Edwards, they consulted, advised us, and took the worry from us. They handled our situation in a very professional manner. We would highly recommend the both of them for your legal matters. "  

"Edwards & Edwards is truly the best thing that could have happened to me at a low point in my life. I would not be where I am now without the advice and support provided. In the end I saved money, time, my job, and my reputation. Thank you for every second you spent preparing and defending me."